IoT4pi stands for

Internet of Things for Raspberry pi

Many IT equipment manufacturers offer cloud services for a variety of reasons (technical and / or commercial).

Many of you are uncomfortable when your data ara stored on a third-party server and you have to trust that thea are treated carefully.

More often articles are promoted that point to the dangers of how conclusions are made about the behavior of the users from various data evaluations.

Would not it be nice to use the advantages of IT technology without having to accept the disadvantages?

The Raspberry pi and related products offer the eager user an opportunity to take things into his own hands.

The vastness of the Internet provides very useful information and tutorials, so that almost everything can be realized. It may not be as cheap as a purchased total solution, but you have done it yourself and you have full control over the system.

In the course of my professional activities, I have worked with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. With several Proof of Concept projects, the Raspberry pi or Beagle Bone was a major part of the test environment. It is always astonishing how easy and uncomplicated the Internet of Things (IoT) projects can be realized.

We noticed, however, that there are a few white spots, which are still missing for the Raspberry pi.

This is the result of our mission:


Internet of Things for Raspberry pi short IoT4pi

wants to help you to control your own Raspberry projects over the Internet or local Ethernet.

To implement a solution by means of a Raspberry pi is obvious and easy. I want to present here the solutions that I have missed so far, whether it be Hardware or Software. Maybe something is for you.


IoT4pi Team