LoRa Raspberry pi Gateway

The LoRa Gateway is a single channel LoRa gateway running on a Raspberry pi with a shield. The LoRa module is a HopeRF RFM95 / 96/97/98. The shield can be mounted on all Raspberry pi versions with 40 GPIO pins.

In order to monitor the gateway without a separate computer, an OLED display has been installed. The buttons can be used to switch between the menus.

To be able to use a somewhat more robust power supply (and not Mini USB plugs), you can install a pcb pressure clamp  to connect the 5 volt power supply (min. 1A) .

An SMA connector is provided as a connection to the antenna. The LoRa Gateway Shield is plugged onto the Raspberry pi (40 pin). Spacers between the Raspberry and the Shield secure the shield and provide the necessary resistance to operate the buttons safely.

If required, distance screws can also be installed between the shield and the OLED display.

The main advantage of the LoRa gateway is that it can be equipped with various software.

The gateway can be extended directly on the Raspberry pi with a network server and application server functionalities.

One of the first applications has been developed in cooperation with the Austrian HAM Radio Association (Österreichischen Versuchssenderverband http://www.oevsv.at/home/). In this application, the LoRa Gateway is extended by APRS communication.



The shield has been designed so that it can easily be rebuilt without a reflow oven.
The components used are available through various electronics retailers and online shops.

Only the PCB and if necessary also the front cover of the housing are available from me.
The BOM (Bill of Material) of all components required, with a target price is right here.

To get a board write me a mail, or write me a comment.
I will reply as soon as possible.

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